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To be very humble, I had made my first One Million Naira with Mobile Banking Business before going for my NYSC. I thought that I knew something about the business but I was very ignorant. Wow! I have become a brand ambassador/aggregator with two brands yet my brain box on Mobile money business was empty - Till I took this course.

Agada Anthony (Ibadan)

The training was a great help to me because I now know things to take note of when going into the mobile money business and becoming a bank agent. It is an advantage for me because I have been wanting to go into the business as I’m already into VTU business. Thanks to the facilitators of this training.

Justina Miye (Edo)

I was impressed by this training really really well and I hope to start my mobile money business as soon as possible. In the end I will like to say a big thank you to the organizers of this training.

Adamu Abdul Hadi (FCT)

The training was awesome. It had a rich content and was well delivered. I never believed I could have assess to such knowledge with quite a meager amount of money.

Nwachukwu Azuka Christian (Lagos)

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The Mobile Money course prepares you to become a Mobile Money Agent - making money for yourself by offering financial services (like cash withdrawal and deposit, opening bank accounts, facilitating payments, savings, investments, insurance, etc) to people around you - on behalf of banks and mobile money operators. There are mobile agents who make up to N2Million Monthly. You can be one of them.

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What you will learn

We have one key course goal in the course - to ensure every attendee is able to start up his/her own mobile money/agent banking business immediately after the course - no matter how small.

Module 1

Mobile Money is a trending entrepreneurial endeavour. In this Module, we will cover all the fundamentals of Mobile Money.

Module 2

In this module, we take a deep dive into each of about 9 different services Mobile Money and Bank Agents can offer.

Module 3

In this module, we will explore some basic requirements and commitments you need to know before you become a mobile money/banking agent

Module 4

Point-of-sale (POS) terminals are critical tools for agents. Under this module, you will be able to understand how POSs work and identify the different types of POS available for use by agents.

Module 5

In this module, you will learn various success tips on how to get a good location, reliable operators/service providers and customers for your business. You also get to learn how to effectively set prices for quality services you provide in order to earn more.

Module 6

In the course of your mobile money/agent banking business, you may likely run into problems and challenges. This module offers you insights on how you can handle these problems effectively and on time

Modules 7 - 9

In these Modules, we walk you through the steps to get onboarded as an agent with a number of operators. We work hand-in-hand with these operators to ensure your on boarding is smooth and you are ready to start operating.

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We know you might have some questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the course below. Click on the "view more FAQs" button to find more answers to your questions. If you still have more questions, please reach out via WhatsApp to 08027441000 and ask your specific questions.

Mobile Money business is about taking advantage of the opportunities that exist in the financial services market. Every day as humans, we spend and receive monies either by way of paying for goods and services or sending money to our loved ones or the need to have some cash at hand. So there’s always a need for cash. Another important thing of note is that millions of Nigerians are unbanked and under-banked, and the Federal government of Nigeria through the CBN have enacted policies to ensure that all adult Nigerians are properly served in terms of financial services like savings, Investment, pension, Insurance and credit. So the opportunities that exist are indeed huge. Mobile Money Agents make money by facilitating these financial services.

There are several benefits that exist when you become a mobile money agent. Some of this benefits include: You will be a major player and facilitator of the federal government Financial Inclusion Policy; you will make good profit from the business because the business is in high demand; the ATM and other cash points are grossly inadequate to service the cash needs of Nigerians, so your center will become a cash point of choice for many people in your neighborhood, you will be able to enroll people for BVN and other bio data enrollment program of government, etc.

Mobile money agents make money by offering financial services like cash withdrawal and deposit, airtime, account opening and other financial services to those who need the services and earning juicy commissions and fees for doing it.

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What are you waiting for?

Over 100 people have taken the step to start their mobile Money Business. They will earn commissions when they open bank accounts for people, perform withdrawal and deposit services, sell micro insurance, investment, pensions, savings, etc. You too can become a Micro Bank and earn as low as N200k or as high as N2Million Monthly. Enrol now to start earning.